Instinct Gallery will reopen September 10, 2016, for art inquiries please contact John Schuerman at 612-240-2317

The Exhibitions

Socially relevant, thematic group exhibitions that engage audiences. Multimedia and diverse artistic perspectives. 

The Artwork 

Visual art displaying both a mastery of craft, materials, and  important conceptual basis. An emphasis on art that honors nature.

The Artists 

Established local, regional, and national artists. 

Instinct's Approach 

We help people understand and engage with the art, the artists, the art history, and the social relevance in the exhibitions we present. 


About our logo:

Instinct is a contemporary art gallery with an emphasis on art that honors the natural world and the artists that are inspired by it. The tree form references the natural —and ties to the gallery name (Instinct: the innate drive to create and grow), while the bright blue color and geometric shapes reflect the human and contemporary. The image of the gallery embraces both pure human expression and art that is derivative of nature.

Where art that seems uniquely human is joined by art that knows it isn’t.