Featuring: Jon Whitney, Kate Casanova, Miranda Brandon, David Lefkowitz, Sean Smuda, David Sebberson, and Luke Erickson 

When I walk
I part the air
and always
the air moves in
to fill the spaces
where my body's been.

–Mark Strand, from the poem Keeping Things Whole 

A clear ocean envelopes the earth. For Human beings air is ubiquitous, essential and invisible. We move, it fills our space. We breathe. We trace its movements only via pollution: particulates and gasses either emitted or picked up by the wind.

 Through the work of seven visual artists, this exhibition is designed to help us appreciate the ubiquitous, essential, invisible ocean of air that we live in.  One could experience life in the envelope and hardly give air a second thought.  This show is meant to put us consciously in touch with our atmosphere, air quality, the beauty of big skies, the essence of breathing, and the virtue of the invisible.

Exhibition Run: May 16 - July 11, 2015

Opening Reception: Saturday May 16, 6-8pm


The Artists:

John Whitney is an installation artist, designer, and inventor. His work for this exhibit will be a shaft of window-light that illuminates the particulates floating in the airspace of the gallery, and triggers our childhood memories of similar shafts of light. 

David Sebberson creates large, abstracted sky-scape paintings, where the sky and horizon have been divided into vertical sections.  They are geometric and feel like classical Greek pillars but actually represent human structures at close range view, out on the plains. 

Miranda Brandon is a photographer whose artistic process and intent draws from field research and naturalist perspectives. In this exhibit, she examines the air/not air interface of sky and skyscraper windows as experienced by birds that don’t see the difference. 

Kate Casanova is an interdisciplinary artist working at the intersection of sculpture, technology and nature. Her work for this exhibit includes a video that illustrates a ‘we are what we breathe’ reference, and diminishes the self/other boundary individuals may feel with the natural world. 

Sean Smuda is a photographer, print maker, and performance artist. This exhibition will include his photographs that reference air and light, prints referencing the analogy of, ‘what’s in the air’, and a performance piece that travels through the air of Nicollet Mall. 

David Lefkowitz is a painter, installation and mixed media artist, often working with recycled materials and studying the fringe of the human built environment as it meets the natural world. For this exhibit he is painting the static of airwaves. 

Luke Erickson is a photographer, art historian and curator.  As a photographer he works at the intersection of nature and culture. For this show, he explores the unique qualities of light and airborne particles and gasses in the Minnesota landscape. 

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