Opening Reception: Humanly Possible

  • Instinct Art Gallery 940 Nicollet Mall Minneapolis, MN, 55403 United States

Humanly Possible: The Empathy Show

Opening Saturday November 21, from 6:00 to 8:00pm

Featuring: David Aschenbrener, Juliane Shibata, Chase Boston, Tina Blondell, Inna Valin, Christopher E. Harrison, Nooshin Hakim, Peter B. Nelson, and Catherine L. Johnson

The word empathy comes from the Greek, Em (in) and Pathos (feeling).  To feel in union with someone.  It is not an acknowledgement, it is participation. 

The title, Humanly Possible cuts both ways. Empathy is possible because we are human, but because we are human we can choose not to exercise it.  It is this human potential that we hope to encourage by showing artwork that inspires us to use our empathic abilities. Art has a way of opening the 'doors of perception’ into the lives of its subjects and thereby adds to our lived experiences.  Internalizing art simply makes us more human. 

A quick internet search brings up a number of studies that indicate that Empathy is on the decline in various populations (for example, US college students, US healthcare workers, and Australians), and perhaps across the human race.  Whether or not this decline is pandemic, we intuitively know that understanding, compassion, and empathy must be part of the antidote for things like our current state of polarized politics, spousal murder rates, cultural conflicts, stereotyping, etc.