The BodyCartography Project and Sean Smuda

  • Instinct Art Gallery 940 Nicollet Mall Minneapolis, MN, 55403 United States

The Instinct Gallery presents: 
Thursday, JULY 9, An evening of performance and video on Nicollet Mall with: 
The BodyCartography Project and Sean Smuda

8 PM
Please join the BodyCartography Project as they perform one-on-one dances from their new dance piece closer. closer lays bare the power of physicality and presence through a series of one-on-one dance performances for one dancer and one audience, in public spaces across the Twin Cities all summer. closer multiplies into an expansive performance experience and dance party at the Red Eye theater mid August. Together we will play with how the meeting between performance and audience generates the possibility for something new. Participants are encouraged to RSVP with the gallery to reserve a spot.

9 PM 
Gross Domestic Product is a highly layered, multi-camera video document of Sean Smuda’s performance, which took place immediately prior to the opening of the Art On Air exhibit. Work from his Universal Harmony series was taken from the gallery and into a procession throughout downtown Minneapolis. Six performers, including Smuda, brought the framed pieces to sites where photographs that were collaged into the series were made. These were the sites of Black Lives Matter and Occupy marches and of the abstracted essence of transnational commerce along Nicollet Mall. Socio-economic proclamations were read through a megaphone in direct competition with those of fundamentalist street preachers.

Gross Domestic Product
HD Video, 8’30”, 2015