Origins of the Moment  [05.24.2014 - 07.12.2014] 

The Time Show

Opening Saturday, May 24th, 6-8pm

Featuring the artwork of Art Gillespie, David Hamlow, and David Zak

The Meta-principle in Nature is Time.  Without it there could only be permanence.

Time is typically thought of in human terms. Our grasping at the concept is amusing if one steps back far enough -the monkey-brain trying to make sense of the universe's ultimate principle yields clocks and calendars, histories and philosophy, but of course, the map is not the territory: a clock is not transformation, and time-keeping does not tell us much about experiencing the flow of time. 

In this exhibit, three artists share their own attempts to appreciate the flow of time. Perhaps it gets us slightly closer to a genuine experience of time, because we can feel the artists reckoning with the irreversibleness. It becomes quickly evident that these artists are on a personal journey to make sense of their own lives, by tracing events, moments and artifacts on the way to the moment Now.

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