The Featured Artists Show

Featuring: David Aschenbrener, Elizabeth Garvey, Ben Moren, Judy Onofrio, Nancy Robinson, Lynn Speaker, and Jantje Visscher

Exhibition Run: July 18 - September 12, 2015

Opening Reception: Saturday, July 18, 6-8pm

Galleries frequently do a show of new work by so and so (artist). This is not what Instinct Gallery has chosen to do. Our exhibitions are multiple artists, multimedia, and are designed around some socially relevant theme.  And yet we do have a group of featured artists that we work with and want to show off their new work, and so we are having fun with the standard show type, while producing our own version of it.  It’s that simple. New Works by So and So is an exhibition of our seven featured artists. And they rock. 

The Artists:

Jantje Visscher uses a force of nature, light, as a drawing medium to create abstract patterns. The works present forms and shapes that are often repeated in nature, in different phenomena, in different types of environments, and their scale can be anything from microscopic to cosmic. The viewers are to determine their own interpretation of the shapes and patterns and allow their minds to wander among the possibilities.

Lynn Speaker explores the concept of experiential landscape and the role time and memory play on human perception. The images are remnants of place that rest between the realm of memory and the realm of experience. The cycles of loss and renewal weave through her work and the burned fragment remains as amemento mori.

The use of gunpowder and the burning process is an essential aspect to how her current works on paper are created. It is an active, forceful event that transforms elements from one state to another. Speaker sets up the conditions of the burn but does not control them. The process is an act of calculated unpredictability resulting in delicate images that stand in stark contrast to their fiery origins.

Judy Onofrio is a self-taught artist who works with visionary fervor.  For the past decade her work appears to be a contemplation of nothing short of life and death. Using animal bones as components she assembles organic forms that tease our minds into seeing growth, change, regeneration and LIFE through the bleached bones of creatures that have joined their ancestors in the spirit realm.

David Aschenbrener is a bronze sculptor who works back and forth between organically created abstract forms (melting, bubbling, cracking, etc.) and recognizable bits of nature such as sticks, feathers, flowers. For this exhibit he has introduced bright colors: sky blue, cherry red, sun yellow and the range of colors in between.

For many years Nancy Robinson has painted narratives with herself as the protagonist.  She goes on dates with Pinnochio, finds herself naked observing Frosty the Snowman, and finds a perfect man who turns out to be a banana.  These are dreamy sequences we relate to, because we too know, that the world is weird and really like that, and we could easily be there in her place. These are not pretend, ‘dress-up’ self-portraits in the vein of Max Beckman or Cindy Sherman. They are real stories.

Elizabeth Garvey creates mixed media assemblages from natural materials and found objects. She dislocates natural elements and places them into everyday human experience and vice-versa. Her current work is based on Selkies --mythological creatures that shape-shift from seals when they are in the ocean to humans when they are on land. Like the myth of the Slekies, her artworks can be read in many ways, but always seem to point to the mysteries of origin, to which we are regularly called to return.

Ben Moren: Film and video artist whose claim is a love of technology and film-making, but whose camera often turns to nature.  His video for this exhibit is concentric squares of footage of the natural environment doing what it does –plants rustle in the breeze and shift ever so slightly. We are left to wonder what we are really looking at.

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