Still the Sky  [01.25.2014 - 03.15.2014]

Instinct starts the new year with Still the Sky, opening Saturday January 25th 2014 from 6-8pm, and running until March 15th.  We are excited to feature the work of Jamie Burmeister, Eric Dubnicka, Meghan Duda, Wendy Fernstrum, Elizabeth Garvey, Ben Moren, David Sebberson, and Lynn Speaker. 

For us city-dwellers there is still the sky, we just look up and there it is. We can easily forget the vastness of the universe and get caught up in our human accoutrements which seem vast and perhaps consumptive of the natural environment.

This “Big Sky/Little Man” exhibition recalibrates the natural/human-made lens through which we see the world.  Here, sweeping skies above plains of the earth and vast environments are tugged upon by the many, minute people.

Still the Sky also references the unavoidable artistic fact, that art freezes nature –even film captures it as a still life, frozen in that format. Only the viewer can make art’s meaning real again, breaking the still life. And this is the perfect combination.

Gallery Hours: Wed-Fri 12-6pm, Sat 11-5pm

A selection of work from the artists of Still the Sky: